English abstract

Regulatory framework

In accordance with the Directive n° 2003/59/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union of the 15th July 2003, transferred into French law by the modified decree n°2007-1340 of the 11th September 2007, a Driver Qualification Card is delivered to each lorry or bus driver following either

  • An initial obligatory minimum training course (FIMO, “Formation Initiale Minimum Obligatoire”) or long training course for lorry or bus driver (CPC)
  • A “bridging” training course allowing drivers to pass from a Passenger Carrying Vehicles driver qualification to a Large Goods Vehicles driver qualification, or the reverse.
  • An obligatory periodic training course session (FCO, “Formation Continue Obligatoire”) every 5 years

Card delivery

In France, the ministry of transport decided to commission the Chronoservices company (a subsidiary of the Imprimerie Nationale group) to manufacture, issue and manage the Driver Qualification Cards.

Authorised training centers request the cards from Chronoservices and deliver them to trainees that have completed appropriate training within their center.

General characteristics

Physical characteristics of the card are complying with ISO 7810 and ISO 7816-1 standards. It is made of polycarbonate in ID1 format and is customized on both sides.

A distinguishing sign of the delivering Member State, i.e. F for France, surrounded by 12 stars in a blue rectangle, is printed in top left corner of the face of the card.

The mention “modèle des Communautés europénnes “ followed by the translation of “Driver Qualification Card” into 11 other European Union official languages appears on the cards background.

Holder’s personal data are printed in black while information specific to the card is printed in blue.

Carte CQC Recto Holder’s personal data
1. Surname
2. First name
3. Date and place of birth

Information specific to the card
4a. Delivery date
4b. Administrative expiring date
4c. Delivered by
5a. Licence number
5b. Card number

Carte CQC Verso On the back of the card, the European Community code “95” is printed in front of driving licence categories for which the driver fulfils training requirements, i. e. D or E/D for carrying passengers, C or E/C for carrying goods.

The obtaining of an E/C or E/D driving licence does not imply a new card will be issued. New driving licence information will be integrated into the new card issued after the next obligatory periodic training course session (FCO, “Formation Continue Obligatoire”).


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