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European regulations :

All new vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes and with license plates issued in the European Union must be fitted with the new electronic tachograph.

The Single Market introduced the freedom of circulation of goods, capital and persons within member nations of the European Union.

To ensure circulation is even more fluid, all heavy goods vehicles (exceeding 12 tonnes) and vehicles with at least nine passenger seats and exceeding 10 tonnes on the road and with license plates issued since 1 January 1996 must progressively be fitted with the new electronic tachograph.

The appliance must be fitted on all vehicles put on the road within twenty days of publication of Regulation No. 3820/85 (revised) in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The electronic tachograph system meets strict functionality and security criteria and guarantees fairer competition and measures against dangers on the road.
It also makes it easier to use the data and improves the efficiency of inspections, as per European regulations on driving and rest times and on working hours.

The new system is rigorously compatible in 25 European countries as well as in associated nations (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

Distribution of smart cards for the electronic tachograph :

Each European state and associated country is responsible for issuing smart cards for the electronic tachograph.

In France, the ministry of transport decided to commission the Chronoservices company (a subsidiary of the Imprimerie Nationale group) to manufacture, issue and manage the four smart cards associated with the electronic tachograph.

The delegation contract between the ministry and the company was drawn up on 4 September 2002 for a ten-year term.
The authority entrusted to Chronoservices ensures confidence, security and quality, as required by European regulations.

Chronoservices began issuing cards on 28 April 2005 and helps drivers, haulage companies, workshops and supervisory authorities throughout the process in making a card application and in using the cards.

The principle of a single card per driver :

All drivers of vehicles subject to European regulations must have a single, personalised card.

’Single card’ means that a driver, identified by name, first name and date of birth, may have only one card and that no other card application in his or her name may be submitted in another country inside the European Union.
Chronoservices and the TachoNet* network implemented by the European Union, monitor the principle of one card per person.

(* The TachoNet network makes it possible to query card issuing countries about a card’s existence and status.)

Contacts :

Chronoservices - Centre de gestion [management centre]
BP 10061 59502
Douai cedex
Tel : + 33 3 27 08 06 00
Fax : + 33 3 27 08 06 49

email : contact@chronoservices.fr

On-line services :

If you have already filed a card application and have not received your card within 15 days, before calling the on-line service (0821 203 031, number within France only) to find out about your application please make sure you have the following to hand :

  • your application number or service contract number

If the above is unavailable :

  • the name, first name, date of birth, application submission date and number of the cheque made out by the requisitioning party
  • for pre-paid cards, please state the name of the cheque issuer and the cheque number.

Contact the on-line service by dialling : 0821 203 031 [number within France only]

Vous êtes ici : English abstract
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